Subscription fee0.00
Starting a company based on a previous balance sheet20.00-80.00
Accounting services for a monthly fee, starting atBased on the number of entries per month:50.00
1-10 entries40.00
11-25 entries75.00
26-40 entries105.00
41-60 entries130.00
61-80 entries170.00
81-100 entries225.00
over 101 entries, per entry1.50
Drawing up a full annual report
(report + notes, declarations, management report, auditor report, etc)
Drawing up a value added tax return with notes10.00
Applications for value added tax refunds3.50
EU application for a value added tax refund75.00
Filing zero-rated value added tax returns2.00
Intra-community tax returns9.00-25.00
Calculating salaries, holidays, incapacity for work, tax returns, & tax transfers
for 1-5 employees13.00
for 6-10 employees26.00
for every additional employee1.30
Drawing up INF 3, INF 14, INF 9, annexes of the form TSD, etc10.00-50.00
Reports on operating expenditure5.00-25.00
Reports on business trips5.00-25.00
Retrieving source documents from the client (one time only)6.50
Drawing up, issuing, and sending an invoice4.00
Archiving the client’s folder, one year5.00-10.00
Preparing & executing contracts, one hour100.00
Preparing & completing bank transfers1.30
Stock records, calculating costs, & accounting work for a separate operating site
1-25 entries10.00
26-50 entries16.00
51-100 entries22.00
over 101 entries, per entry0.12
Drawing up statistical reports5.00-50.00
Drawing up the budget150.00-650.00
Drawing up a business plan150.00-3200.00
Drawing up the accounting policies and procedures200.00
Representing the company at the Tax and Customs Board, one hour25.00
Self-employed person’s tax return (one-off), one hour35.00
Expedited services, one hour45.00
Expedited company balance sheet and income statement preparation
(for a lease or loan, etc)
Taking part in stocktaking, one hour35.00
Consultations and advising on financial issues, one hour (FREE for loyal customers)96.00
Fees for using the software, one month5.00-25.00
Inspecting the accounts for various periods agreed price

Ask for a personal offer and we will find a suitable solution together. A fixed monthly fee option is also available.

If you introduce a new client to ELE then your accounting bill will be reduced by 10% for the next six months.
ELE Rikaar OÜ may also apply discounts for up to three months based on agreements.
At the beginning of the new year, costs for services will increase due to inflation.

Value added tax will be added to all prices