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Accounting services

Have you ever heard anyone say that accounting is not rocket science? Well, in reality, it really is. Should you attempt to take care of your accounts yourself, you will soon find that accounting is quite complicated and unbelievably time-consuming. You can keep the receipt side on the left and the credit side on the right, but does the law permit you to write everything down on the receipt side? That’s just one of the more simple questions. Instead, why don’t you visit us and we can have a chat? Ask us anything. About accounting, of course. Anything is possible.
We will assist you in the following ways:

  • Drawing up a suitable division of expenditure and revenue for your accounting needs
  • If necessary, we will draw up your accounting policies and procedures
  • Maintaining a good relationship with the Tax and Customs Board
  • Preparing annual reports
  • Drawing up balance sheets and income statements for applying for bank loans

Are you operating as a private limited company or a non-profit organisation? Are you self-employed, or an apartment association, or even a consumer association or building association? Whatever your operating system, you are welcome to visit us, and we will help you. We use accounting software through which you can also enter details and then draw up and issue invoices, if necessary. Even from the other side of the world. When working with us, you will always have up-to-date information about your bank account balances, receivables and payables, and all the information you require for your finance-related activities.


The team at ELE Rikaar OÜ will give you the best advice. We are solicitors in the field of accounting. If you need information on any of the following then get in touch:

  • whether to start a company and how to go about doing it;
  • which form of business model should you choose: self-employment, private limited company, public limited company, non-profit organisation, etc;
  • how do you draw up a business plan or budget;
  • what should you pay attention to if you are required to report to the company’s supervisory board;
  • how do you calculate the depreciation of fixed assets - less at the beginning and more later or vice versa? Or to an equal extent every year?
  • finding tailor-made solutions for your unique problems;
  • ask us anything about taxation;

You are probably aware of the fact that solicitors charge very high fees. Please take a look at our price list and we hope that you will be surprised.